Monsieur Balthazar

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Monsieur Balthazar

Balthazar: the distillery to see during your stay at the hotel

Balthazar, Monsieur Balthazar!

The adventure began in 1984 during summer socialising at the “Théatre à Hérisson”. Specifically: a meeting between two men. Olivier, an actor and James, a musician. They built a makeshift still together and distilled a few litres of this grain brandy. After a few years’ of testing, Distillerie Balthazar located near ACE Hotel, was officially established in 2000 and the first Tronçais whiskey was born: Hedgehog (hérisson in French). In 2013, Olivier passes his skill on to David, another man with good taste. He perfects the distinguished “Whiskey Tronçais” made from local grains and aged in new barrels made with wood from the Tronçais Forest and purchased from a neighbouring stave yard (6km). There is no doubt that David is now writing the latest exciting chapter in the story of Balthazar, Monsieur Balthazar!

Found at: The Balthazar Distillery shop is a 25-minute drive from the ACE Hotel Montluçon.

Boutique de la Distillerie Balthazar
8, place de la République
03190 Hérisson