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Mupop: the museum to see during your stay at the hotel

Mupop: The Museum That Raises The Roof!

MUPOP, Museum of Popular Music located near the ACE Hotel Montluçon, opened its doors on 21 June 2013, on the day of the French national music festival. This innovative cultural site is devoted to all types of popular music. From the first strum of the electric guitar to the Saturday night dance, MUPOP brings visitors together and makes their hearts sing. Rock, rap, swing, music hall, disco or electro: they’re all popular! Popular in the sense that music is the backdrop to our lives and forever engraves those priceless moments when music speaks louder than words.

Found at: The Mupop is only a few minutes away from the ACE Hotel Montluçon.

3 rue Notre-Dame
03100 Montluçon