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Lurcy Levis

Lurcy Levis: street art city to see during your stay at the hotel

Street Art City: Lurcy Levis

10 hectares, 13 buildings, 22,000m2 of walls to cover, 300 artists from 52 different countries: the numbers are all there. Street Art fills the space - and it is impressive. The venue is up for getting down. A prime spot for urban visual creativity, Street Art City’s philosophy is to liberate the creative spirit by pushing the boundaries of the physical materials used. With a DNA that closely matches that of the Villa Medici, the venue is a “residential springboard” that offers artists the ideal conditions for expressing their talent, unhindered. A unique experience, the “Hotel 128” building has 128 rooms for 128 artists with 128 different worldviews. Open your eyes, in this hotel, no one sleeps.

Found at: Street Art City Lurcy Levis is less than an hour's drive from Ace Hotel Montluçon

Street art City
Les Bruyères de Béguin
03320 Lurcy-Lévis